Autopia Car Wash began in Fremont in 1994, and has grown to 5 locations throughout the Bay Area. We continue to grow because our customers find consistently great service and friendly, professional employees at each site. Our customers discovered that Autopia will make sure each car is spotless and each customer is happy.

Through continually great service, we've grown to become the neighborhood favorite car wash in the Bay Area. Our customers come to Autopia Car Wash because they know we will save them time, and with regular washing and routine waxing their car's finish will be protected.

Get VIP Treatment

Autopia’s VIP program allows customers the luxury of unlimited full service washes with one low monthly fee.  Just drive in and drop off! 

VIP Specials

Driveway Washing Wastes and Pollutes
Commercial car washes use an average of 37 gallons of water per car washed. The water is then treated and filtered per state guidelines before being released.  Driveway washing uses 70 – 100 gallons of water.  That water contains chemicals from soaps and toxic particles from your car including antifreeze, lead, oil and asphalt, and drains directly into streams and lakes.